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this is one of the things I dislike about living in a place where there is no weather variety whatsoever

I can’t see the seasons change.

I’m a girl who loves watching flowers pop up in spring, basking in the sunny warmth and wearing skirts during summer, using ridiculous leggings under said skirts during autumn, and cozying up inside with a cuppa and a book during winter’s snow.

Here? Here it’s summer. All. Year. Long.┬áChristmas doesn’t feel like Christmas. Spring doesn’t feel like Spring. Autumn doesn’t feel like Autumn. And Summer is just one big fat annoying Grade-A c u n t.

The AC on full blast during November? Showering twice in March, three or even four times a day in July? Leggings giving you a rash because it’s 35┬║C in September? Fuck that noise.

Bubs and I can’t wait until we have enough money to move the Hell out of this place, fuhrreel.

sometimes I wake up feeling like this.

sometimes I wake up feeling like this.